UNHcFREG Releases Datapp - An application for testing if data sent from your mobile apps is unencryp

You can download Datapp by clicking on this dropbox LINK.

If you have any issues, please contact us by e-mailing the main developer and Dr. Ibrahim Baggili rmeji1 [@] unh.newhaven.[edu] , and ibaggili[@]newhaven.[edu] (remove the brackets and the spaces!).

We have released Datapp - an application that helps people see if data sent from their mobile phone / applications is encrypted or not.


  • This has been tested only on Windows 7 machines - so the requirements for installation is having Windows 7.

  • Your computer must have an Ethernet interface and a wireless interface. Your internet connection needs to come from the Ethernet adapter. Make sure all the required adapters are enabled, and all the not-required adapters are disabled. Ultimately, there should be two adapters for Datapp to work - the Ethernet adapater (main internet), and the wifi-mini-port virtual adapter (for the wifi-hotspot).

  • Make sure your Windows user account allows you to run applications in administrative mode. Administrative mode is required in order to allow Datapp to make the wireless hotspot.

How it works

In a nutshell, Datapp creates a wifi access point on your laptop by bridging the connecting between your ethernet and your wireless card. Basically your laptop becomes a wireless hotspost.

When Datapp runs for the first time you will see a screen with a list of tips. Once, you are done reading the Quick Tips and press the “Ok” button, you will be taken to Datapp - Home screen. From this screen you have access to different screens, including the Datapp – Quick Tips.

If you would like to change the SSID and/or password of the wireless access point, you can do that by going to the Datapp - Settings screen. This will change the SSID and/or password for the current session and will be reset once the application is closed.

If you are ready to start using Datapp, you can press the “Create Network” button. Once this button is pressed, Datapp runs a list of commands in order to share the internet connection from the computer's Ethernet adapter to the wireless adapter. Then a wireless access point is created using the SSID and password specified by you in Datapp – Settings or the default one specified by Datapp.

Several tests are conducted by Datapp in order to see if your computer supports running the application. If any of these tests fail, the application will show a message and close immediately. There are a few known issues that cause Datapp to either close or not work as intended. These issues are presented in the list that follows.

  • An issue occurs when you have multiple virtual wireless adapters enabled. Datapp can share to one virtual adapter, but create the wireless network connection on another adapter. This will not cause an error but will cause the wireless access point created to not have an internet connection even though it is visible to the user. One can fix this issue by simply disabling one of the virtual adapters in the control pannel --> network and internet ---> network connections.

  • The default network connection is not coming from the Ethernet interface. This will cause the application to close. You can disconnect your wireless if this happens and make sure your ethernet connection is working.

  • Your wireless network adapter does not support hosted network sharing. To check this you can run the following command in cmd.exe in administrative mode “netsh wlan show driver” find the line where it displays “Hosted Network Supported” and it should say yes or no. If it says no this could be a reason why Datapp shows an exit message.

Thank you

  • We would like to thank the open source Network Miner project

  • We would like to thank ip2nation.com for their database of countries and ip addresses

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