Dr. Frank Breitinger to give a workshop on LaTex


LaTeX is a powerful alternative to (Microsoft) Word for writing comprehensive reports/theses and is also often required by Journals in Computer Sciences, Chemistry or other Engineering disciplines. Some main features are:


-Easy to change templates (e.g., 1 vs. 2 column)

-Tools to maintain your bibliography (you can import references from google-scholar automatically and cite them in your document)

-Perfect support for equations

-Easy to include other files types (e.g. pdf, jpg)

-And finally, the output looks often nicer (more professional) than Word

The idea for this seminar is to provide interested folks an introduction and summary of the tools and possibilities when using LaTeX. There will be examples that you can use to practice your skills.

When: March 25, 2015

Time: 6:00 – 7:30pm

How: Interactive and hands-on (preferably bring your own device)

If you want to participate, please send me an E-Mail to : GBerardesca@newhaven.edu.

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