FRED is optimized for stationary laboratory acquisition and analysis. It aids in the acquisition of a suspect's drive. It supports IDE/EIDE/ATA/SATA/ATAPI/SAS/Firewire/USB hard drives and storage devices and save forensic images to Blu-Ray, DVD, CD or hard drives. FRED systems acquire data from Blu-Ray, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Compact Flash, Micro Drives, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, xD Cards, Secure Digital Media and Multimedia Cards. 

Our laboratory capabilities

Our equipment​ and tools


In our laboratory, we have equipment and software that is being used by industry as well as governmental agencies. At UNHcFREG we are also building our own technologies to aid in cyber criminal investigations. We share with you some of our current capabilites below.

Hardware Write Blockers

The UltraKit III is a portable kit which contains a complete family of UltraBlock hardware write blockers along with adapters and connectors for use in acquiring a forensically sound image of virtually any hard drive or storage device you may encounter. Simply select the appropriate Write Protected UltraBlock and attach it to the source drive and use your desktop or laptop to acquire a forensically protected disk image to an internal drive or externally connected drive enclosure.

Forensic Imager 3

The Forensic Imager 3 is relatively new - and UNH is one of the first academic institutions to use it in its course work. and research. At its core the Forensic Imager 3 is a high performance, reliable, and easy to use forensic duplicator - with a high resolution, touch screen User Interface (UI). The Forensic Imager 3 is capable of forensic data collection from SATA, IDE, USB 3.0/2.0/1.1, SAS, and FireWire (1394A/B) drives. It is also capable of performing network imaging.

Forensic Tools

We use a variety of open source and closed source software tools in our laboratory such as:

1. Autopsy

2. Bulk_extractor

3. FTK Imager

4. FTK

5. EnCase


We are also working on developing our own tools that aid in digital forensic investigations. 

Mobile Forensics:

Cellebrite: UFED

FED Touch Ultimate, enables the most technologically advanced extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting of mobile data. It performs physical, logical, file system and password extraction of all data (even if deleted) from the widest range of devices including legacy and feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices, tablets and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets.


With proprietary hardware, an integrated battery, an intuitive GUI and touch screen, the UFED Touch Ultimate speeds up the investigation process, meeting the demands of the mobile forensic industry. 


Mobile Forensics:


XRY Complete is the all-In-one mobile forensic system from Micro Systemation; combining both our logical and physical solutions into one package. XRY Complete allows investigators full access to all the possible methods to recover data from a mobile device.


 With a combination of logical and physical analysis tools available for supported devices; XRY complete can produce a combined report containing both live and deleted data from the same handset.